Why to work at .PT

Inspiring and challenging culture
Flexible and collaborative environment
Innovative projects
We grow and we make you grow
Together we contribute to the growth of the internet in Portugal!

Careers and Benefits

Do you have talent, ambition, and an out-of-the-box vision? Then join the .PT team.
We want to contribute to the achievement of the best possible version of you!

Career management at .PT is a process of continuous learning in the different contexts where we all move, and a continuous adaptation to change,
which allows us to:

  • Know the development options inside the .PT;
  • Develop skills, preparing you for the future challenges of .PT;
  • Enrich the current role by participating in other projects, more transversal and with another exposure and challenge;
  • Work and evolve based on merit;
  • Have an open channel of communication with managers.

.PT promotes the achievement of the maximum potential of each one of the team, in a dynamic, welcoming, transparent, trusting, inclusive
and safe environment.

Whatever your role, you will receive a fair and equitable job offer that considers the specifics of the role and your professional experience.

We promote the constant optimization of our people management system, working continuously to attract and retain the best talent.

We offer a wide range of benefits, perks, and policies.

We listen to our people, we understand the need to balance the work and personal life, and we do our best to adapt to different work styles and rhythms (e.g., flexible hours and remote work options).

The .PT performance management model has a four-monthly and annual nature and begins with the definition of a set of commitments between the management and the employee. This system makes it possible to measure professional performance in a fair and equitable way, recognizing good performance through awards and opportunities for promotion and progression.

In .PT, nationality, origin, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other personal aspect does not matter. Our integrated people management model focuses on the principle of equal opportunities. Each and everyone is important to achieve organizational success!

Política para a igualdade e não discriminação do .PT

Social responsibility and sustainability are areas of activity in which .PT is present, contributing to the future of the planet and future generations.

.PT develops and supports internal and external initiatives, involving employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Did you know that our new headquarters, Barra Barra, is a green building?
We are aware of the .PT ecological and environmental footprint, we reduce our consumption and treat our waste.

Team development

Do you like challenges and keep up to date with new trends and technologies?
You are in the right place! For us, the quality of training is really important.
We grew up together!

The development of our team is one of the fundamental pillars of people management. .PT guarantees all employees initial and continuous quality and specialized training.

  • Initial training, during the onboarding process, aims to provide new employees with a set of references and knowledge at a technical and operational level, with the aim of supporting their integration into the role and developing skills for the performance of their job, being performed in a real work context.
  • Continuous training is a commitment to the development of the individual knowledge and skills the team, in all areas of the business, reinforcing motivation, satisfaction and belonging.

.PT also provides practical learning through participation in forums, conferences, workshops, and similar activities, in a real work context and in partnership with similar entities.

Balance between professional and personal

The balance between professional and personal life can be difficult and even complex.
At .PT we make everything simpler, our internal policies allow us to find this balance.

We admire and respect our people and we recognize the individual and collective contributions towards the .PT mission. Aware of the reality of each of our employees, we seek and implement flexible options whenever possible.

Digital comes with new ways of working. With a vision of the future, .PT continually explores options, through digital tools and communication channels, that mitigate daily stress and add value to the tasks performed.
We continually work on our internal policies to adapt to different lifestyles and help our people find a balance between work and personal life, promoting a healthy life and excellent productivity.